Thursday, May 31, 2007

Finally... =)

Yep it's me again... since you've all asked soooo nicely, I thought I'm gonna do you a favour and write a new blog entry again ;) and this time it will be entirely written in english (as you may have noticed) to give you a bit of a challenge... hope you'll enjoy it...
sooo... I better start telling you about what has happened recently... right, lets start off with last weekend:
On Saturday we had the grandparents, 3 friends of the family and their kids over for a little dinner party. While the "seniors" had their dinner, I was left to entertain the little ones in the lounge. We watched Harry Potter 4 and surprisingly, all went well and there was next to NO naughtiness involved ;)
Sunday was just another of the usual "lazy days", that's probably why I can't really remember what we've done.. all I know is that the rain was pouring down - like somebody had emptied a giant bucket up in the sky!
Then on Monday Lindsey and the kids went away to the mainland, which gave me the opportunity to spend the morning in bed. Later on I walked the dogs, had a bath and ironed some of the kids' clothes, and the rest of the day I spent snuggled up on the sofa watching some crappy programs on TV...
Tuesday wasn't that different from Monday, apart from the fact that everything seemed to go wrong: The computer crashed first thing in the morning, the iron went all funny and I couldn't get it to work again, and finally Pete discovered that some person had crashed into his scooter, dragged it all along the road and then just picked it up and drove away... there were broken pieces all over the floor and the backlight was smashed! On top of it all, the kittens had left a nice surprise in the kitchen for me to find... no it wasn't some kind of excrements, it was a dead bird... Clearing up all the feathers and stuff wasn't exactly my favourite kind of job!!
Later on I managed to get hold of a neighbour and borrow an iron off her, so that I could do at least some of the ironing. But unfortunately, by the time this was done, I didn't have time to go to Newport, as I originally intended.
Anyway, I had to go to college on Wednesday - this was the last time my class was held before the final exams (which will take place next Tuesday) We were given the last advice on how to study our poems and media texts, and that was basically it! Afterwards, I was gonna stay in Newport for a couple of hours, but as it was raining heavily again, I decided to go back home after a little while. And there the next shock awaited me - as I was about to have a shower, somebody knocked at the door - it happened to be an Estate Agent, who came tho show people around the house!!!! The problem was that I hadn't known about this and hadn't had the chance to tidy up or clean the kitchen and bathroom... well, I found it a bit strange that he didn't seem to have bothered to phone up beforehand... anyway, people weren't really interested according to him... then why the hell did he bring them around?!?
Right... after this little shock I prepared a hot chocolate and wrapped myself up in a warm blanket in front of the TV to watch my new Little Britain-DVD... smashing!!! =) And that was basically how I spent the rest of the day - relaxing!
Then this morning I woke up early and gave the house a bit of a clean before the rest of the family got home around lunchtime. I helped Amie and Henry with their homework and then joined them in watching TV... and now I've just taken them up to bed while the parents have gone to work to do their night duty!
Tomorrow will also be the big day on which they find out if they're accepted into South Australian Police... so everybody keep your fingers crossed!!!
ps: I've switched to a bigger font now as this makes it easier for you to read. do you all agree??

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Interviews, Husten und andere alltaegliche Katastrophen...

So, heut wars endlich soweit - meine Gasteltern hatten ihr grosses Interview, wegen dem sie seit Monaten gezittert, brav alles ueber Australien gelernt und fest trainiert haben... Gestern frueh sind sie schon nach London aufgebrochen, und heute waren sie den ganzen Tag beschaeftigt! Genaueres weiss ich leider noch nicht, ausser dass Pete den Fitnesstest bestanden hat und das Interview auch ganz gut gelaufen ist! Die definitive Entscheidung faellt ja dann am 1. Juni, also ich bin schon gespannt...
Naja, ich war die letzten 2 Tage (und morgen auch noch) "in charge of the kids"... Ist bis jetzt eigentlich auch gut verlaufen (ein bissl mulmig is es ja, wenn man ein paar Tage so ganz allein mit ihnen is), davon abgesehen dass beide Husten haben, und Amie sich den Zehen angehaut hat und jetzt herumjammert und ihrer Meinung nach SCHWER VERLETZT ist... zu sehen ist am Zeh uebrigens nix, aber welches Kind ist nicht wehleidig?! Sonst aber alles OK, Machtkaempfe gabs relativ wenige und meine Regeln wurden im Allgemeinen befolgt. JA!
Ausserdem hab ich morgen wieder College, und da hab ich auch entdeckt dass die Leute im Haarsalon (ja, Frisuer wird man in England auf dem College...) billilligste Haarschnitte machen und da werd ich mich morgen gleich anmelden. Is zwar ein kleines Risiko, aber es kann ja nur schiefgehn! =) Vielleicht stell ich hier dann ein Foto rein, wenns richtig extrem ausfaellt!!
Sonst gibts nicht so viel Neues, ausser dass ich in letzter Zeit wieder Post kriege (juhu!) - an dieser Stelle DANKE an Ina & Wolfi - damit haett ich ueberhaupt nicht gerechnet!! Und auch danke fuers Packerl, David, auch wenn ichs ja offiziell noch nicht geoeffnet haben duerfte =) Hat mich sehr gefreut...
Na gut, bye then!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Wayne's interessiert, der kann hier einen Blick auf meine hochwissenschaftliche Zeitungsente werfen und sich ein Bildchen davon machen, was ich mittwochs im College so treibe *gg* Also fuer alle, denen auch manchmal sooo langweilig ist, dass sie sogar Gebrauchsanweisungen aller moeglichen Dinge lesen...

Swapping Sides

According to the Prime Minister, Islanders could soon be driving on the other side of the street!

Only two months after the Isle of Wight’s declaration of independence on May 3rd, 2050, newly-elected Prime Minister Samuel White (Purple Party) surprised the members of parliament by announcing his intent to modify some of the Republic’s laws due to actual environmental issues.
“While arranging our rule as governing party in the new Republic of the Isle of Wight, the current turn of events forced us to reconsider our targets in order to prevent this newly-founded country from destructive influences, such as climate changes and increasing road accident rates,” Deputy Governor Emma Brown told The Thursday Magazine.
The first and major change, to be realised in 2055, is said to be a nationwide alteration of driving direction from left to right.
This economic policy measure is necessary to ensure the drivers’ safety as well as to secure a healthy environment in the long term.
Researches have shown that in right-hand traffic countries, road accident rates are up to 23 % lower than in areas where people drive on the left side of the street.
This phenomenon might sound odd, but can easily be implicated with medical reasons: Swedish scientists have discovered that, in the majority of cases, the left part of the human brain is higher developed than the right half. As a result, the ability to recognise quick movements is absolutely distinct in the left eye, but hardly existent in the right one!
Consequently, driving on the left hand side, as it is now, means that the “weaker” right eye has to do all the work watching out for other cars, and therefore gets tired easily. The symptoms of fatigue again affect its function, which means the eyesight spirals downwards the quicker the longer you are driving. And a hindered eyesight naturally is a huge source of danger, especially in road traffic!
By changing the traffic direction to the right hand side, the strong left eye is put in a position in which its strength is utilised at maximum level. This should lead to a quicker recognition of possible causes of risk and extensive accident avoidance.
Another advantage of this measure would be a probable decrease of pollution caused by emissions from motor vehicles. Again, a direct link to the traffic direction might not be obvious, yet a closer look into automobile design might give more information about its advantages.
“Most cars are built with their exhaust pipe at rear, slightly angled to the right. When using right-hand driven cars, which are very popular in the Island’s left-hand traffic, emissions are puffed off to the middle of the road and then ascent inland from there.
“By importing left-hand drive cars, which still have the exhaust pipe on the right, we’d make sure that emissions get blown off the street where they are taken up by the winds and blown into the open sea. This way, the Island stays nice and clear of pollution,” Michael Black, local master engineer explains.
Other overwhelming advantages of right-hand traffic are shorter embarking periods when taking the ferry, as well as the saving of border crossings on the planned motor vehicle bridge to France.
As the realisation of the project is planned for 2055, action has to be taken quickly. By organising an extraordinary meeting of the government, the Purple Party seized its opportunity to announce and advertise their “step-by-step programme” towards the new regulations.
Emma Brown: “Once all the paperwork is completed, the commencement of the act should take place without any problems. We have already adopted the idea of a transitional period, during which there will be special regulations.
“As no decision has been made yet, we can only give you a rough review of our action plan, but we’re hoping to have a full concept soon.
“During the transitional period, it will be essential to keep traffic down to an absolute minimum. Major speed restrictions will be needed nationwide, as the change of sides will be achieved gradually.
To ensure the safety of pedestrians, these will be advised to walk along the centre of the road instead of using the sides. The same rules will apply to cyclists and motorcyclists.”
All this sounds like a well thought-out project, but there are still some difficulties to overcome. The government’s intention to aim for a complete eradication combined with an import ban of right-hand driven cars could fail due to the European Union Agreement on free movement of goods.
Rumour has it that the government is considering a special bonus for those who swap their cars within the first episode of the transition period, yet all our attempts to enquire about it at the parliament were unsuccessful.
“As the Purple Party haven’t put the Act of Parliament through yet, it’s impossible to give detailed information about their step-by-step programme,” a press relations officer explained.
“However, action will be taken to support those willing to keep up with the time and appreciating our programme.”
Well, we certainly appreciate a government who work so hard for their people, don’t we?

(c) Karin Kulmer 2007

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Gaehn... zur Zeit is echt net viel los!! Der graue Alltag waelzt sich so dahin, es passiert net wirklich was und es ziiieht sich... Naja, vielleicht is es net ganz soo schlimm, aber etwas eintoenig warn die letzten Wochen schon! Zum Glueck is jetzt wenigstens so richtig schoen Fruehling, und ich verbring meistens die Mittagszeit draussen im Garten, mit Buch & iPod, und komm schoen langsam richtig in Ferienstimmung... Bis es dann halt Zeit is, die Kinder abzuholen, natuerlich =)
Was gibts sonst noch zu erzaehlen... Letzten Sonntag haben wir an einem original "car boot sale" (also uebersetzt heisst das so viel wie "Kofferraumverkauf") teilgenommen, und haben die Gelegenheit genutzt, altes Kindergwand und Spielsachen zu verkaufen. Und, hm, wie soll man sagen, es war eine seehr interessante Erfahrung... man trifft Leute, die man sonst auf der Strasse nicht sieht, echt komische Gestalten laufen da rum...
Das war auch schon das einzige interessante Erlebnis der letzten Tage, College war ich noch, aber das war dann alles... Ich weiss, mein Leben is momentan echt a bissi faaaaaaaad...
Morgen gehts wieder in die Stadt, da muss ich mich dann auch um ein Geburtstagsgeschenk fuer meine Gastmutter (die wird am Sonntag 38) umschaun, und fuer Samstag is ein Barbecue mit einigen Freunden geplant (juhu!)
Weiters hab ich noch telefonisch erfragt, dass ich optionell (also VIELLEICHT) die Moeglichkeit haette, ab Herbst in einer eigenen Wohnung in Graz zu wohnen, das freut mich natuerlich extrem und gibt meinem Leben wieder einen Sinn, und zwar auf allen moeglichen Internetseiten gewisser Moebelheuser Recherche zu betreiben =)
Ja... sonst gibts wirklich nix Neues, tut mir Leid, wenn ich euch enttaeuschen muss,...
Zum Schluss noch eine Anmerkung: Heute sinds genau noch 2 Monate!!! Und obwohls mir Leid tun wird, von hier wegzugehn, freu ich mich schon sooo auf daheim =)
see you there, kann ich da nur sagen!